Shetha Al-Dargazelli’s Biography


Shetha Al-Dargazelli is a British scholar who was born in Baghdad, Iraq. She graduated from the Physics Department, College of Sciences, Baghdad University, where she obtained also her M.Sc. in Nuclear Physics. She obtained a PhD in Elementary Particle Physics from the Physics Department, Durham University, UK.

Dr Al-Dargazelli taught at Universities in Iraq where she was appointed professor in 1991. She moved with her husband Dr Louay Fatoohi to the United Kingdom in 1992, where she worked at Durham University and Aston University.

She has published several books, including four university Physics textbooks, one book on Sufism, and another on the status of woman in Islam. With Louay, she has also translated the book Purification of the Mind (Jilā’ Al-Khāṭir) by the Sufi Shaikh ‘Abd Al-Qādir Al-Jilānī and co-authored The Mystery of Israel in Ancient Egypt.

Her most recent book is The Names of the Qur’anic Chapters: Their Origins and Meanings. She published over thirty scientific papers in refereed scientific journals and more than 30 scientific articles in established Arabic cultural and refereed journals. She has given many talks in the UK and abroad about women in Islam and the spiritual dimensions of Islam.

She currently she teaches at an Islamic College in Birmingham/ UK.