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This article is from Purification of the Mind (Jila’ Al-Khatir)

* If you continue to behave properly, you will come to see with the eye of certitude and become as the Commander of the Believers ‘Alī bin abī Ṭālib (may Allah be satisfied with him and ennoble his face) has said: “Should the veil be removed, I would not have more certitude.” He was also asked: “Have you seen your Lord?” He replied: “I would not worship a Lord that I have not seen.” A certain righteous man was asked: “Have you seen your Lord?” He answered: “If I have not I would have died.” If then someone would ask: “How can you see Him?” I would say that if the creatures left the servant’s heart and nothing remained in it other than the True One (mighty and glorified is He), he will see Him and draw as near to Him as he likes. He will see Him inwardly as others see Him outwardly. He will see as the Prophet (Allah’s prayer and peace be on him) saw in the night of the Heavenly Ascension, as he likes. His Lord will make such a servant see Him, draw near to Him, and talk to him in his sleep. He may also attract his heart to Him in wakefulness and close the eyes of his existence so the servant sees Him with His eye as He outwardly is. And He will give him another essence with which he sees Him. He will see His attributes, blessings, favors, and beneficence to him. He will see His bounty and protection.

The person whose servitude, servanthood, and knowingness have been realized will not say “show me” or “do not show me,” “give me” or “do not give me.” He will become extinct, fully absorbed. Therefore, a certain righteous person who attained to this spiritual station used to say: “Why would I care about myself?” How good this saying is! He meant: “I am His slave, and the slave has no choice or will in relation to the master.”

A man once bought a slave who was of the people of religion and righteousness. He said: “O slave, what would you like to eat?” The slave replied: “Whatever you feed me.” The master asked: “What kind of clothes would you like to wear?” The slave answered: “Whatever clothes you give me.” The master then asked: “Where would you like to live in my house?” The slave replied: “Wherever you put me.” The master asked: “What kind of work would you like to do?” The slave answered: “Whatever you order me to do.” At this point, the master wept and said: “Blessed are you! If only I am with my Lord (mighty and glorified is He) as you are with me!” The slave then said: “O master, does the slave have any choice and will in the company of his master?” The master said: “You are a free man for the sake of Allah and I want you to stay with me so that I serve you with myself and my wealth.” As for anyone who knows Allah, Allah will not leave for him will or choice, and he will come to say: “Why would I care about myself?” He will not challenge destiny about his affairs or others’ affairs.

* When the heart of the servant becomes connected to his Lord (mighty and glorified is He), He becomes his physician and intimate companion so that no one medicates him other than Him and no one becomes his intimate companion other than Him. David (prayer and peace be on our Prophet and on him) used to say: “O Allah, I have visited all the physicians of Your servants and all of them have referred me to You! O Guide of the bewildered ones, guide me to You!” When someone loves Allah (mighty and glorified is He), his heart becomes a total longing [for Him], total detachment [from anything apart from Him], and total extinction [in Him]. No doubt, all his concerns become one concern.

The reality of unveiling completes only after emerging from the veils. If you wish for attainment to Him, give up this world, the hereafter, and everything from beneath the Throne down to beneath the surface of the earth. Each one of the creatures is a veil except the Messenger (Allah’s prayer and peace be on him), for he is the door: “And what the Messenger gives you, take; and what he forbids you, abstain from” (from 59.7). Following him is not a veil but rather the means of attainment.


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