Mar 112008

This article is from Purification of the Mind (Jila’ Al-Khatir)

* One who is ignorant of Allah behaves with dissimulation and hypocrisy, whereas one who is knowledgeable of Him does not do that. The fool disobeys Allah (mighty and glorified is He), whereas the sensible person obeys Him. One who is full of hatred disobeys Him, but the lover obeys Him. One who greedily accumulates worldly goods behaves with dissimulation and hypocrisy, whereas one who has curtailed hopes does not do that. One who is forgetful of death puts on a show, whereas one who remembers it does not behave hypocritically. One who forgets that Allah (mighty and glorified is He) looks at him behaves with dissimulation, whereas one who is aware that He watches him does not do that. One who is neglectful behaves dissemblingly, but one who is wakeful does not put on a show.

* O young man, do not speak to any creature about what you are involved in of the affairs of this world and the hereafter. Keep what you are involved in out of sight, behind locked doors. Cover the face of your spiritual state and do not let anyone see anything of it except the eyes. If the cover is a veil that totally covers the face, it will be even better for you.

This is the end of the days of intermission. There are the market of hypocrisy and the market of dealing on the basis of hope of salvation and fear of punishment. You wish to obtain worldly things and fear their remoteness. You wish for nearness to the creatures and fear that they may keep away from you. The kings have become gods for many creatures. This world, affluence, well‑being, might, and strength have all become gods. Woe to you! You have mistaken the branch for a root, the one who is provided for for a provider, the slave for a master, the poor person for a rich one, the powerless person for a powerful one, and the dead person for a living one. You are unworthy of respect! We do not follow you and do not adopt your creed. We would rather keep away from you. We stand on the hill of safety — on the Sunna, and on the relinquishment of heretical innovations. We stand on the hill of the belief in the oneness of God, of sincerity, of abandoning dissimulation and hypocrisy, and of seeing the creatures as powerless, weak, and overpowered. We accept the divine decree and give up dissatisfaction. We adhere to patience and give up complaining. We walk with the feet of our hearts to the door of our King (mighty and glorified is He). Putting someone at the command of another and giving authority to someone over another are both from Him. The ability to create and provide sustenance are also both from Him.


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