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This is “Appendix A.7: The Qur’anic Verses on Moses in the Chapter of Yunus (Jonah) (10.75-93)” of the book The Mystery of Israel in Ancient Egypt: The Exodus in the Qur’an, the Old Testament, Archaeological Finds, and Historical Sources

Then We sent after them Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh and his chiefs with Our signs, but they showed arrogance and they were a guilty people (10.75). When the truth came to them from Us they said: “This is surely clear magic” (10.76). Moses said: “This is what you say of the truth when it has come to you? Is it magic? Magicians cannot succeed” (10.77). They said: “Have you come to turn us away from what we found our fathers do, and so that greatness in the land should be for you two? We are not going to believe you two” (10.78). Pharaoh said: “Bring to me every skilled magician” (10.79). When the magicians came, Moses said to them: “Cast down what you have to cast” (10.80). So when they cast, Moses said: “What you have performed is magic; Allah will make it vain; Allah does not allow the work of corrupters to thrive (10.81). Allah will show the truth to be the truth by His words however much the guilty may hate it” (10.82). But none believed in Moses except some offspring of his people while full of fear of Pharaoh and their chiefs that he would persecute them. Surely Pharaoh was lofty in the land; and surely he was one of the extravagant (10.83). Moses said: “O my people! If you believe in Allah, then rely on Him, if you are Muslims” (10.84). They said: “On Allah we rely; Our Lord! Do not make us subject to the persecution of the unjust people (10.85) and deliver us by Your mercy from the disbelieving people” (10.86). We revealed to Moses and his brother: “Take you both, for your people, houses in Egypt; make your houses qibla; and perform the prayer. Do give good tidings to the believers” (10.87). Moses said: “Our Lord! You have given to Pharaoh and his chiefs finery and riches in this world’s life, our Lord, that they may lead [people] astray from Your way. Our Lord! Destroy their riches and harden their hearts so that they do not believe until they see the painful punishment” (10.88). He said: “The prayer of you both has been accepted, so keep to the straight path and do not follow the path of those who do not know” (10.89). We made the children of Israel to pass through the sea, then Pharaoh and his soldiers followed them in transgression and oppression. When the drowning overtook him, he said: “I believe that there is no god but He in whom the children of Israel believe and I am one of the Muslims” (10.90). Now, having disobeyed before and having been one of the corrupters (10.91)? Today We shall save you in the body that you may be a sign to those after you. Surely many people are heedless of Our signs (10.92). We lodged the children of Israel in a goodly abode and We provided them with good things. They did not differ until the knowledge came to them; your Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection about what they differed about (10.93). 



Translation by Louay Fatoohi and Shetha Al-Dargazelli 2008

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