The Prophet Joseph in the Qur’an, the Bible, and History


The Prophet Joseph in the Qur’an, the Bible, and History: A new, detailed commentary on the Qur’anic Chapter of Joseph


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A new study of the story of Prophet Joseph:
  • Comprehensive interpretation of the sura of Joseph
  • Verse by verse analysis and commentary
  • Comparison between the story in the Qur’an and its Biblical counterpart
  • Examination of the historical time and place where Joseph lived
  • Explanation of the Qur’an’s style in relating history

This Book
The Qur’anic sura (chapter) of Joseph deals almost entirely with the story of this noble Prophet, his brothers, and their father Prophet Jacob. Since the revelation of the Qur’an fourteen centuries ago, there have been numerous attempts to interpret this sura. The present study is a genuinely new look at the sura — including careful examination of the historical background of its story and detailed comparison with the corresponding Biblical narrative.

While referring to interpretations from classical exegetical works, this book offers new insights into the meanings and magnificence of this Qur’anic text. The author is not only concerned with analysing the individual verses; he is equally focused on showing how various verses are interrelated, explicitly and subtly, to form a unique textual unit. He shows particular interest in unveiling subtle references and meanings that are often overlooked or missed by exegetes. Through this comprehensive study, the author elucidates why the Qur’an has always been firmly believed to be a unique book that could have only been inspired by Allah. Thorough and scholarly but easy to read, this book is intended for both the general reader and the specialist.

Whether you are a scholar of Qur’anic exegesis (tafsir), have general interest in Qur’anic studies and the Qur’anic story of Prophet Joseph, or interested in comparative religion, you will find this in-depth and detailed study of the sura of Joseph informative, enlightening, and thought-provoking. No knowledge of Arabic or the Qur’an is required for reading the book.

Book Details

Author: Louay Fatoohi

Pages: 285

Size: 229mm x 152mm

Publication Date: August/2007

Publisher: Luna Plena Publishing, UK

ISBN: 978-1-906342-00-5

Table of Contents


1. History and Prophet Joseph in the Qur’an, and Qur’anic Exegesis

1.1 Narration of History in the Qur’an

1.2 The Story of Prophet Joseph in the Qur’an

1.3 Problems in the Exegesis of the Qur’an

2. The Beginning of the Sura of Joseph

3. Prophet Joseph in the House of His Father Prophet Jacob

4. Prophet Joseph on His Way to Egypt

5. Prophet Joseph in Egypt

6. Prophet Joseph in Prison

7. Prophet Joseph in Power

8. Prophet Joseph Reunites With His Brother Benjamin

9. Prophet Joseph Reunites With His Father Prophet Jacob

10. The Epilogue of the Sura of Joseph

11. Prophet Joseph in History

11.1 Among the Hyksos in the Eastern Delta?

11.2 The Theory in the Light of the Qur’an

11.3 The Age of Prophet Joseph

12. Prophet Joseph in the Qur’an and the Old Testament

12.1 Comparative Religious Studies and the Divine Source of the Qur’an

12.2 One Qur’an Versus Many Bibles

12.3 Shortcomings in the Biblical Story of Prophet Joseph


Appendix A. Transliteration Conventions

Appendix B. Qur’anic Terms and Names


General Index

Index of Qur’anic Verses


Copyright © 2007 Louay Fatoohi
All Rights Reserved

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