Son of Man


In the Gospels, Jesus frequently refers to himself as the “son of Man.” We will see in this chapter how this expression, which sets a marked contrast with the title “son of God,” is another indication that Jesus rejected attempts to deify him.

The term “son of man” translates the Aramaic bar nasha or bar nash and the Hebrew ben ‘adam, which literally means “son of Adam.” In the Old Testament, it is found once in Job, twice in Daniel, and over 90 times in Ezekiel. In the much smaller text of the Gospels, this expression occurs at a much higher frequency — namely, 82 times. It occurs 14 times in Mark, 30 in Matthew, 25 in Luke, and 13 in John. In the rest of the New Testament it is found only twice in Revelation in quotations from the Old Testament, once in Acts, and once in Hebrews.


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